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News 2014


img_0226.jpgFirst Christmas in Evergreen..

12/21 Andreasek celebrated 5th birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!andreasek-naroyeniny.jpg

Pueblo show: 11/7 Romeo puppy class 6-9mos. - 1st place and winners, 11/8  Andreas passed rally excellent, pueblo.jpgRomeo passed rally novice and he took 2nd place with Viktor - it was first time for both! and 2nd place in puppy class, 9/11  Romeo 1st place and reserve winners and Andreas passed rally excellent and he took 4th place!

Official photo - Grand Junction show (9/28) -Alderfer Wherefore Art Thou "Romeo" ( father: GCH 10530738_10203106952940318_7232703262831482250_n.jpgGreat Lakes Danish Treasure "Odin" x mother: CH Ella Bermondo Bohemia) puppy class (6-9mos), 1st place, winners, best of winners, best of opposite!


My dogs love swimming after show :)

Grand Junction show: plavani.jpg9/26 Andreas - open, 2nd place
Romeo - puppy (6-9m) 1st place, reserve winners
Juli - puppy (6-9m) 1st place, reserve winners, best puppy

27/9 Andreas - open, 2nd place
Romeo - puppy (6-9m) 1st place, reserve winners
Juli - puppy (6-9m) 1st place

9/28 Andreas - open 2nd place
Romeo - puppy (6-9m) 1st place, winners, best of winners, best of opposite sex!
Juli - puppy (6-9m) 1st place.

okticek-11-uet.jpg9/9 My lovely Okty celebrated 11 years!! Happy birthday!!!!

New photos - Mt. Bierstadt - 4287 m. (14.9.)

New official photos - Cheyenne show, WY (30.8) - Andreasek, open class, 1st place, winners, 10635724_10202900990391383_3270251275372083799_n.jpgRomeo, puppy class (6-9mos.), 1st place, reserve winners, best puppy

9.9. Regional Specialty - Greeley 5.9.

Andreasek: Rally Advanced - passed, 4th place and new RA img_0005.jpgtitle!
Obedience Open B - passed, 1st place
Conformation Open - 3rd place
Romeo: puppy sweepstakes (6-9mos.) - 2nd place
Puppy dogs (6-9mos.) - 1st place
Juli: puppy sweepstakes (6-9mos.)- 1st place
Puppy bitch (6-9mos.) - 1st place

22.8. New re10519183_10202725442762802_318386757653052762_n.jpgsults x-rays Andreas`s son - Fill od Vendrynky HD 0/0, ED 0/0! I am happy!!!!

16-17.8. Greeley show: Saturday: Romeo-puppy class 6-9 months 1st place!
Andreas-open 2nd pla
ce and Obedience Open passed and he took 1st place!!! It's third times when he passed! I am so happy and proud;)Sunday: Romeo 1st place
Andreas 2nd place a
nd he passed Rally advanced!


25.7. New photosromeo-almost-5-5-months---71-pounds---32-kg-.jpg of Romeo - 5 months and 5,5 months

14-20.7. Colorado road trip - photos

12-13.7. Eagle show: Saturday: Rally Advance - passed Andreas took 2nd place, Show 1st place, reserve winners

Sunday: Obedience Open - passed, He took 3rd place
Show - 2nd place

Results x-rays Andreas`s puppies - AERIN Pearl Rose DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, ARNY Pearl Rose DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, FABIO od Vendryňky DKK 0/1, DLK 0/0, OCD neg, FANDULA TOP od Vendryňky DKK 2/2, DLK 0/0, Antea Aileen Let´s Dream DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, OCD neg.
Andreas is also grandpa :)

Longmont show: Saturday 31.5.dsc_0692.jpg
Open class - 2nd place, reserve winners
Rally Novice - passed, He took 1st place (33)

Sunday 1.6.
Obedience OPEN - passed, He took 1st place! (18)
Rally NOVICE - passed, He took 4th place (23) - New title

2.6. New photos oimg_6751.jpgf Romeo - 3,5 months.

12.5. New photos of Romeo - 12 weeks.

6.5. We are introducing a new member of our family in co-owner ship with Cathy Davis! Thank you for such an amazing puppy!!! - Alderfer Wherefore Art Thou "Romeo" ( father: GCH Great Lakes Danish Treasure "Odin" x mother: CH Ella Bermondo Bohemia)

 6.-12.4. Photos from 2014 BMDCA SPECIALTY (Virginia 6.-12.4.14) http://edokan.rajce.idnes.cz/2014_BMDCA_SPECIALTY_Virginia_6.-12.4.14_-_Vyletovani/

First show in USA - Denver show:

13.1795559_10201657323340484_2009644916_n.jpg2. Obedience - Novice class, passed obedience test, He took 2nd place
Show - Open class, 2nd place, reserve winners
2.. Obedience - Novice class, passed test, He took 4th place
2. Show - Open class, 4th place
2. Show - Open class, 3rd place, Obedience - Novice class - passed test!

Andreas z Malanek live in Colorado (Denver) now:) New photos.